torsdag 6. februar 2014

Living in the Red Light district for a week

In our neighbor buildings women are held as sex slaves. Looking out of the window I see men entering, others leaving. They are my age. Some older, some younger. Most of them probably fathers and housbands. Walking in any direction we find what seems to be an endeless number of bordelles. This Red Light district is not one street, it really is a district. It all fits to what I was told befre I came, 70% of greek men buy sex. Numbers are also high in other Europeen countries. 20% in Norway.

Some months ago I sat next to young girls that have way to low odds on ending up in these bordelles. Girls growing up in Russian orphanages. Having what they physically need, but lacking what they need the most: Love, someone who care for them. Someone who sets limits, who give hugs, who screems load if they are kidnapped. But no one screems load. They are easy targets. 

What can you do?

There are many factors that keep human trafficking going, but if it was not for men buying, the industry would stop. Talk about this at your workplace, in parties, on your football training. Let men know that most of the women are forced into this.

Move to a country where children are waiting to be adopted. You can't adopt them while living in Norway, Germany, UK, ... But if you move there, learn the language, integrate in society, you can. It will take time, it will cost you, you wont save many, but you will save some.


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