mandag 16. januar 2012

Ungdom moter Jesus i Russland

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Sitter her i Perm, Russland. Snart ferdig med en liten uke sammen med en gjeng ungdommer her. Sammen med Igor og Yulia, vaare gode venner og medarbeidere har vi bodd i en leid leilighet og hatt aapent hus for ungdommene som allerede er tilknyttet kirka (ikke saa mange), og vennene deres (en voksene gjeng :-) Spilt spill, bedt, spist hjemmelagd pizza, studert bibelen, ledd, laert nye spraak...
Fantastisk aa faa hore ungdom og unge voksne som har sin forste kontakt med et kristent felleskap stotre frem paa engelsk "Jeg vil huske den kvelden for resten av mitt liv". Har hatt mange samtaler om tro, hva en kirke er, hva det vil si aa folge Jesus, osv. Venter i spenning paa hvor det leder hen. Det som er bra er at Yulia og Igor snart flytter hit. De har naa god kontakt med flere ungdommer, og gleder seg til aa gjore disipler og naa ut til flere fra hosten av.
Uka for var vi i Ulyanovsk. Sammen med 3 norske jenter, to tyskere og 15 russiske ungdommer fra flere forskjellige byer hadde vi Mission Week. Bodde alle sammen i bygget til kirka. Hadde undervisning om aa vaere misjonar i dagens Europa, og gjorde det i praksis. Ga mat til de hjemlose, besokte barnehjem, og var ute i gaten og inviterte ungdommer til julefeiring (7.januar i Russland). Skjedde veldig, veldig masse. Et eksmepel: Danil paa 18. Vi motte ham paa vei hjem fra sentrum etter aa ha vaert ute i byen og inviterte til julefeiring. Han oppsokte oss. Hadde tilfeldigvis gaatt en tur forbi kirka. han ble hengende med oss vaer dag. Hadde trodd paa gud lenge, men aldri hatt noen som kunne forklare han hva det betyr, hvordan han kunne folge Jesus. Vi hadde masse flotte samtaler. Og han er naa paa vei inn i et team som jobbe jevnlig med aa besoke barnehjem, og folge opp de som er for gamle til aa bo paa barnehjemmet. Et veldig viktig arbeid som de har savnet gutter til aa hjelpe til i. Gud svarte bonnene til teamlederne med aa svare bonnene til en som letet etter ham. Vi er saa takknemlige for Danil og saa mange andre vi har faatt blitt kjent med de siste ukene i Russland og Slovakia. Vaer med og be om at Gud skal fullfore det han har begynt i saa mange unge liv de siste ukene.
Karianne og Kristian

Youths meeting Jesus in Russia:

We are current in Perm in Russia where we spent almost a week with some youths. Together with Igor and Yulia, our good friends and coworkers, we have lived in a rented apartment. We had the house open for youths that are already connected to the church (not so many) and their friends (more and more hopefully ;) ). We have played games, prayed, we ate homemade pizza, studied the bible, laughed and learned new languages.
It is fantastic to listen to youths and young adults (who have had their first experience with a christian fellowship) stutter out in what little english they know "I will remember this night for the rest of my life". We have had many conversations about faith, what a church is, what it means to follow Jesus and so on. Now we are waiting with excitement for what comes next. Yulia and Igor will soon move to this place, and that is great. They have had close contact with several youths, and they are looking forward to build disciples, and reach out to more people.
The week before we spent in Ulyanovsk. We had a mission week together with 3 Norwegian girls, to Germans and 15 Russian youths from several different cities. We all lived in a building connected to the church. We taught about how to be a missionary in todays Europe, and also did it in practice. We fed the homeless, visited an orphanage, we went out to the street and invited youths to a christmas celebration (7th of January in Russia). A lot happened. I'll give you one example: Danil is 18. We met him on our way from the city where we had gone around inviting people to our christmas celebration. He came to us because he had just went for a walk by the church. After that he came and spent time with us every day. He had believed in God for a long time, but never met anyone who could teach him about it, and tell him how to follow Jesus. We had a lot of great talks. Now he will probably join a team that will visit orphanages regularly, and be a support to those who are to old to stay at the orphanage. This is something that can really help a lot of people, and they needed more boys to step in. God answered the prayers at the same time. The team leaders prayed for people for this task, and Danil searched for God and people that could show him God. We are so grateful for Danil, and also for all the other people we got the chance to get to know the last weeks. Please pray that God will finnish what He started in so many young lived the last weeks.

Kristian and Karianne.